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HIGH PERFORMANCEworld record evo ix


Here you can find our specs and details from the world record holder evo IX.


All started from our love and passion for efficiency and performance.

Developing parts and solutions for making the highest efficiency 4 cylinder engine, we bought an Evo ix for testing and developing.

before our project we built and devepo customers cars, we achieve 1416hp on 56psi boost back in 2007 and then 1523hp running lower boost and methanol. But that was on lower efficiency engines. Just a 9-10cr ratio engines and not capable revving over 10.000rpm. 

Not happy at all. we built and develop our cams and cylinder head porting running 80mm to 87mm turbos. many damages and broken parts happens. Any of the shelf solutions failed.  


Very quickly transforming an 88% efficiency oem 4g63 engine to a 11.000rpm high cr 13.4:1 cr ratio stage 2 engine.

Around 15psi boost and 870hp.  So a new level of tuning start challenge for us.  As nothing available on the market for engine parts, we start design and built our engine parts, pistons, rods crankshafts and any other high efficiency engine component. Also high efficiency turbo chargers, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds and anything to make this reallity.