X-Ray Inspection, validation & Design 


Automotive parts inspection

X-ray has been used to inspect castings for the automotive industry for many years. The technology is ideal for detecting faults such as cracked or broken parts and welding defects.


Catalytic converter inspection

X-ray inspection is also suitable for a range of other automotive industry applications and aviation, including the inspection of complex assemblies and micro electromechanical systems, and the inspection of coatings and features within catalytic converters.


X-ray inspection can help you to:

 • Ensure compliance with quality standards
 • Demonstrate due diligence
 • Reduce recall costs
 • Avoid litigation
 • Increase market share through customer confidence
 • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
 • Win new business where assured quality and compliance with the latest Codes of Practice is a key customer requirement
 • Integrated or stand-alone units for continuous or batch production
 • Real-time 100% inspection at production line speed
 • Pilot plants and laboratory systems
 • Quality verification
 • Feedback data to control and optimise the manufacturing process


Performance use

We use also X-ray mostly in our cylinder head porting services to ensure the limit of each casting and thickness of every cylinder head to see the maximum limit we can port. Every casting is different. Also for compressor covers again to see the cross flow design and volute so as to match the perfect compressor wheel design and trim. And for compressor wheel design to verify the root durability for the blades. 


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