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Differentials & Parts

Designed out of white sheet by our CAD/CAM systems, crafted from the highest quality materials available, our differentials offer the best gear technology to the market. 

All internal gears and diff bodies are hardened steel billet parts machined to the last detail.

Limited slip differential or not, according to every demand, optimized for the heaviest use – extremely high horsepower projects, racing & drag use – are smaller in size with reduced mass, offer twice the grip of an ordinary differential and still the most endurable ever. 

In drag races, when power levels and stresses get extremely high, a differential must power both drive wheels under nearly all conditions.

Taking advantage of our drag racing experience, we managed to pass it to our productsBAK and offer to the market the best heavy use solution ever.

Custom upgrades for any type or model is always an option for all of our customers.