Put more power to the ground with our custom billet axles, designed specifically for high performance street cars, racing cars and drag racing cars.

Our company, since the day established, has gathered all the technical knowledge and racing experience to offer the best performing and best value transmission productsBAK to our customers. 

Parts that we design and produce are lighter, stronger and more efficient than any other parts on the market today!

Power and Torque is something we can handle, no matter how enormous the stresses are applied in any part.

Everything is tested before in real drag races, where all parts are tested to be strong enough to handle the shock loads encountered during these races.

Wherever any axle system doesn't meet the requirements, we can provide to our customers an individual solution.


On request, we can develop custom made solutions that take account of your own special requirements.


For further information about our productsBAK, please don't hesitate to Contact us.