Extreme Tuners  established in 1999, in Athens, Greece, Europe.

We develop, manufacture, maintain and distribute mechanical systems in the hi-tech field for dynamic components in the global markets of motor racing, luxury automobiles, marine, defence and the aviation industry. Our strength lies in the offer of a comprehensive package comprising of sophisticated products and extensive support. In-house R&D, engineering, production, and testing departments are available for the development of specialised products, products that never exist. New technology and design, innovation and perfection.


Vision – 

We strive to be the world’s leading supplier of systems to the motor racing, luxury automobiles and the aviation industry, Navy & Airforce. Systems from Extreme Tuners should feature in every upmarket racing and luxury vehicle as well as in all aircraft built by the most important manufacturers. Our goal is to be a leading innovator within all our business and corporate fields when we launch new products and materials. Our work is dedicated to exclusive high performance vehicles, specialising in developing, designing, manufacturing and testing of connecting rods, pistons, crankshafts, turbocharger systems and many other systems or engine components that are designed to operate under extreme conditions. 


Mission – 

The racing business faces challenges every day and our team meets these challenges with enthusiasm and passion.We share our customers’ passionate desire to come out on top. We want to make the best of ourselves and do our utmost to ensure that our systems are made in the highest levels of quality. The resultant success promotes the prosperity of our customers, staff and the society we live and work in.


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