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August 09, 2017

 All started from our love and passion for efficiency and performance, designing building and testing our own parts. 

Developing parts and solutions for making the highest efficiency 4 cylinder engine,  we bought an Evo ix for testing and developing.

Very quickly transforming an 88% efficiency normal 4g63 engine to a 11.000rpm high cr engine.

Around 15psi boost and 800hp.


In this platform, we develop not only engine parts but also turbochargers, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, transmission systems and anything would help us to make the step beyond.

Daily we design and manufactured new parts, improving them day by day.




OEM Mitsubishi 4G63 stock block: de-stroked 86mm bore x 77mm stroke

extreme tuners Stage 4 engine kit 13.000rpm - 2000hp

extreme tuners Billet sleeves 86mm bore size / Nicasil coated

extreme tuners Billet alloy asymmetrical 3d pistons aerospace 970mpa 15.88:1cr ratio / titanium pins, invert cylinder chamber design fitted on crown to maximize efficiency and squish band.


Here is an article while testing crown design:


extreme tuners long rod kit of aerospace alloy 970mpa rods / tool steel H13 rod bolts

extreme tuners Tungsten billet crankshaft divided counterweights 77mm stroke -


extreme tuners H13 oversized head stud kit

extreme tuners H13 main stud kit

extreme tuners O-ring stage 2 head gasket tool steel o-rings



OEM Mitsubishi extreme tuners stage 4 cylinder,


glue and metal inserts on ports fitted giving more vertical direction and increasing speed -

welded and modified chamber design cnc -

Titanium valves

Billet asymmetrical cams 5.4G acceleration peak power  -

custom valve spring kit - 970mpa aerospace alloy retainers

beryllium valve seats




Extreme Tuners turbo gen2 220lbs/min

Custom billet compressor cover one piece 5 axis custom volute

Carbon fiber 91mm compressor wheel

Billet one-piece turbine wheel 5axis point milled super alloy MAR-M 247 and size of 113mm


Exhaust manifold Inconel


Extreme tuners Intake manifold billet 5 axis and 100mm tbody

8 x fuel injectors


custom extreme tuners ECU - Tag 400 - Tagos 32bit real time operating system. 264Mhz processor.

combustion chamber analyzer


5 speed sequential gearbox

billet magnesium transfer case stage 2 - extreme tuners crown pinion

extreme tuners frond LSD

extreme tuners middle and rear diff. LSD

5 x disc 4.5' carbon clutch

titanium flywheel